NOH-Tab: Nohgaku guide on your tablet

NOH-Tab is an application you can download on your phone or tablet.
It provides you with…

Guide for the first-timers and non-Japanese

Outlines, highlights of the show in 4 languages
(Japanese, English, French and Chinese)
Prompts for the highlights


Large letter display.
Timed with the stage performance, the display automatically switches to the next page.

Guide for deeper understanding

Background information on the original story and history to give better insight into the context.
Become more knowledgable in Noh.

To get NOH-Tab on your phone and/or tablet

Simply download the application from Google play store or APP store.
“A FLOWER” Premiere contents will be ready in NOH-Tab application by mid-January.
The download of the NOH-Tab guide in advance to the premiere event is strongly recommended.

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