What can ONLY be experienced in Japan?


The word “flower” refers to various virtues such as beauty, aesthetics and allure in Nohgaku world.
The reference is derived from the landmark treatise “Fushi Kaden” written by Zeami,
the son of Kan’ami together with whom he established Noh.

Japan is a country full of “flowers”; beautiful architectures, landscapes, history and culture...
So many that you may never have enough time to see all.
But if we were to pick “a flower”, it is Nohgaku.

It blossoms, and stays with you long after the experience.

Nohgaku is...

A collective term for Noh and Kyogen.
Theatre performance consisted of singing, dancing, occasional percussions and the flute.
A masque performed on a specifically designed stage, with masks and costumes.

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29 . Jan . 2018

Premiere (#1)
Ultimate Entertainment Show
Nohgaku - world premiere -

6 . Apr . 2018

Ultimate Entertainment Show

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